söndag 17 januari 2010

Live blogging the Golden Globe Award

01.33. Well since nobody seems to be reading I will not live blog anymore, but you will get my reactions tomorrow : )
01.32. Well I'm back and there's Fergie looking very good.

01.22. I will quit blogging the red carpet and begin later during the ceremony.

01.20. I haven't seen Mariah Carey yet, but the reports aren't nice...

01.18. Chloë Sevigny looks great!

01.11. Melanie Laurent has arrived, she looks great.

01.08. Kristen Bell is not good.

01.05. Sigourney Weaver wears something green, can't see it all, but it looks great as of here.

01.05. Julianne looks great, isn't that the same earrings as in 2003? Also Tom Ford is there. Moore needs an Oscar soon.

01.02. Glee! Glee! Glee! Jane Lynch looks splendid, she's so funny.

00.59. Penélope! Joseph! all the stars are coming. Also Sophia Loren has comed.

00.57. Christina Hendricks, she's really pale, but stunning.

00.56. The Facebook girl is annoying!!!

00.56. Anthony Mackie interviewed, also very humble. Hopefully he won't become any new Jamie Foxx.

00.54. I'm seeing a little picture of Marion Cotillard now, she is dressed in black quite a change from all the white she has done before.

00.53. Glenn Close is there, she needs an Oscar NOW!

00.53. No the streamer went off :( but it's on now.

00.47. Carey Mulligan looks wonderful, the news says she has got the role in My Fair Lady.
Also the dress is much better than her BFCA dress. She's such a sweetheart.

00.44. Streeps seems to have some fans at the bleachers.

00.42. Jayma Mays, you have to love her in Glee.

00.42. Am I the only one NOT liking Gyllenhaal's dress?

00.33. They told what the time was in sweden during the live carpet show : D

00.31. Chris Colfer from Glee is interview right now, not my favourite from the show but he sometimes has the tendency to steal the show.

00.26. Jane Lynch, she actually looks very good in a dress I don't think many women at her age would dare to wear.

00.25. Wonder if The Legends (Kidman and Pfeiffer) will come to the GG?

00.20. Oh god, Maggie Gyllenhaal isn't looking good at all, too much pig colour, the movie stars are arriving.

00.16. Lee Daniels!!! Even though I will not nominate him for my award I am still rooting for him to win, cause he seems very nice.

00.16. Ginnifer Goodwin looks stunning.
UPDATED: Sorry, I saw wrong...

00.13. Cory Monteith from GLEE is being interviewed, seems to be a very humble guy. Glee is one of my favorite shows right now. Cory sings much better live than studio.

00.10. Are it usual for the movie stars to arrive later than the tv stars?

23.59. There's the Glee cast, Lea Michele looked stunning in her black dress. Jayma Mays and Jessalyn Gilsig also looked great.

23.59. There was a clip with Britanny Murphy, RIP.

23.52. Agree with that guy, I take Kirsten Dunst every day over Jennifer Aniston.

23.48. Oh God! E! coverage is much funnier than NBC, why can't I watch E!

23.42. PS. Tom O'Neil is on the Live Carpet show. DS.

Tonight I will live blog the Golden Globe ceremony If i don't fall asleep, it's night here in Sweden you know ; ) .

So hopefully you will all join me : )

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