tisdag 16 augusti 2011

In Bed With Madonna

The legendary tour Blonde Ambition by Madonna has been named the greatest tour of the 90s by Rolling Stones. Backstage Madonna let a filming crew capture the drama backstage and her feelings during the tours. In black and white we follow Madonna through emotional and happy times during the tour. We see her struggling coping with her tour and the press.

Madonna is as many noted before pretty much aware of the camera crew therefore she's not always that natural, especially not in the interviews. But at the same she's so fascinating because what we see is one of the most talked-about womens on earth, both then and now, a little bit more up close and personal than we use to and what we get is a confused lady that wants people interpret her in the way she wants to.

Without a doubt one of the best documentaries that has been done, and i count among one of my favourite movies of the 90s.