lördag 26 september 2009

Diane of Algermeissen

I think Krüger should be taken more serious as a actress. She was great in Inglourious Basterds. She was the better part of National Treasure and she was perfect cast in Troy as "Helen of Troy"

lördag 19 september 2009

The Incredible Katherine

Katherine Hepburn is a legend, rightfully so. She is admired by the modern audiences for being unconventional for her time, a pioneer maybe some people want to call her. But in difference to many other great icons (Monroe, Gardner, Crawford etc.) Katherine is more remembered for her movie performances than her Personal Life (Even if her romance with Spencer Tracy is much-talked about).

Kate's first great performance was 1933 in "Little Women". Kate gave a astonishing performance as Jo March (A Role Winona Ryder did 61 years later, but not with the same success). The Same year she got her first oscar for "Morning Glory", an inferior performance.

1935 came another great performance, "Alice Adams". She gave another great performance, though not on par with her Performance as Jo March. During the next years to come she was called box office poison, only breaking the spell once in "Stage Door". But during these five years she gave us two of her BEST performances. The best of them was "Bringing Up Baby", her she shows us what a lovely comedienne she was, but also what great actress she was. The Second was "Holiday", here she once again gives us a great comedic performance. A Pity she and Cary Grant did to so few movies together.

In 1940 her comeback came in "The Philadelphia Story". Another great performance by Kate and she had great chemistry with both Stewart and Grant in this.

To Be Continued...

tisdag 15 september 2009

Vote at the Katharine Hepburn Award over at Encore's World of Film & Tv

Best of the Best Actresses

I've got this over at Encore's World of Film & Tv


1. Vivien Leigh - Gone With the Wind
Who else? Vivien Leigh gives the most complete performance of all time. Full with intensinty and passion, but still vulnerable. She's the Best

2. Meryl Streep - Sophie's Choice
This is why Streep is called one of the best. Her pale face in this movie stills sticks in my head, I just can't get her away from it.

3. Vivien Leigh - A Streetcar Named Desire

The Rest is a little harder
4. Elizabeth Taylor - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Tied Fifth Place
5. Bette Davis - Jezebel
5. Faye Dunaway - Network

måndag 14 september 2009


I'm Eagerly waiting for Syskonbädd 1782 and Safe will arrive to me. Can't wait to see what magic Bibi Andersson and Julianne More does in their films.

PS. I'm Sorry I haven't been so active in the blog during the week, but that will change! DS.

tisdag 8 september 2009


What movie have you've watched the most?

Though I don't count times i've seen a movie, I think it's probably Grease 2, I WAS OBSESSED With Pfeiffer in this movie.

måndag 7 september 2009

Madonna vs. Esther Goris

During the last couple of weeks I've become OBSESSED with Evita, listening to the songs over and over and over and over and over again.

The Movie from 1996 is short from masterpiece, beautiful and greatly acted. Madonna isn't the greatest actress of all time (far from being) but in this role SHE becomes Evita, but even if she becomes Evita I think Esther Goris did an equal great performance as Evita from the same year.

Esther Goris gives us the voice and everything, the only things missing is the obsession of Evita. While Madonna gives us the Icon Evita, but Esther Goris gives us the more "Real" Eva Peron. So Who's the best?

PS. The Musical version as a movie is by the way far better than the dramatic movie DS.

lördag 5 september 2009

FYC Maria Heiskanen in Everlasting Moments

Winner: Best Actress in a Leading Role - 2008: Guldbagge

Best Actress in a Leading Role - Maria Heiskanen

FYC Michelle Pfeiffer in Chéri

"I may be making a fool of myself, but why not life is short"

Best Actress in a leading role - Michelle Pfeiffer (3 times Oscar nominated, ZERO wins)

torsdag 3 september 2009

Revolutionary Road

Shall read Revolutionary Road now, and when I'm finished maybe I shall rewatch the movie?

Duel in the Sun

onsdag 2 september 2009

Catherine of Cherbourg

"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" is a great movie. It's both old-fashioned AND modern at the same time. It appeals to every age I think.

...and of course Catherine Deneuve rules the film.

You Must Love Them...

Meet Me In St. Louis

My second favourite Musical movie of all time. It gives you a great smile, it never stops enjoying you. Three great young actresses are starring in this movie Judy Garland of course, the wonderful Margaret O'Brien and the forgotten Lucille Bremer. Maybe some of the songs are pretty dull. But on the other you've got "Meet Me In St. Louis", "The Trolley Song" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". Three of the best musicals song ever (even if not all of them is written for the movie).

This is an essential christmas movie I think.

Don't Cry for Me Argentina

This is the showstopper from Evita. During this song everybody just sings quiet and listen, especially with Madonna singing this song. She gives us an unforgetable screen presence in a musical we've never seen before. She BECOMES Evita the Same way Dunaway became Crawford in Mommie Dearest.

Everytime I listen to this version I get chills.

Bravo Madonna!

tisdag 1 september 2009

Top 10 Musicals

10. My Fair Lady (1964)

9. Moulin Rouge! (2001)

8. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

7. Funny Face (1957)

6. Evita (1996)

5. The Sound of Music (1965)

4. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

3. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)

2. Meet Me In St. Louis (1944)

1. West Side Story (1961)

Post your top 10 favourites, or post it at your own blog :)

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