lördag 19 september 2009

The Incredible Katherine

Katherine Hepburn is a legend, rightfully so. She is admired by the modern audiences for being unconventional for her time, a pioneer maybe some people want to call her. But in difference to many other great icons (Monroe, Gardner, Crawford etc.) Katherine is more remembered for her movie performances than her Personal Life (Even if her romance with Spencer Tracy is much-talked about).

Kate's first great performance was 1933 in "Little Women". Kate gave a astonishing performance as Jo March (A Role Winona Ryder did 61 years later, but not with the same success). The Same year she got her first oscar for "Morning Glory", an inferior performance.

1935 came another great performance, "Alice Adams". She gave another great performance, though not on par with her Performance as Jo March. During the next years to come she was called box office poison, only breaking the spell once in "Stage Door". But during these five years she gave us two of her BEST performances. The best of them was "Bringing Up Baby", her she shows us what a lovely comedienne she was, but also what great actress she was. The Second was "Holiday", here she once again gives us a great comedic performance. A Pity she and Cary Grant did to so few movies together.

In 1940 her comeback came in "The Philadelphia Story". Another great performance by Kate and she had great chemistry with both Stewart and Grant in this.

To Be Continued...

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