lördag 23 januari 2010

Jespers Movie Column #1: Sundance Starts, Award Season middling

Hello everybody!

I decided to start a column on my blog every saturday where I write about the past week that has been and anticipating the week to come.

Of all the things that has happened this week the most talked about must be the Golden Globe awards in which Avatar went home with two awards for Best Picture and Director, this caused much stir (both good and bad) at many movie forums and blog since everyone was excepting The Hurt Locker or Up in the Air to sweep some awards (THL went totally unawarded), but for me it was only a good surprise since I totally love Avatar and want it to win the Oscar next! In the best supporting actor & actress categories the awards went as everyone expected to Christoph Waltz and Mo'Nique, who certainly did cause every fashion police out there outrage for her cause she didn't shave her legs before the ceremony. Otherwise she gave the greatest speech of the evening even beating Streep for the Speech queen.

The Best actress categories went as suspected to Streep and Bullock who now both is battling out for the Oscar. Best Actor was more surprising with Robert Downey Jr. winning one for Sherlock Holmes, and Jeff Bridges getting a standing ovation for his Crazy Heart.

As said Avatar won Best Picture: Drama, but the most surprising and undeserving winner went to The Hangover, who further cemented this years Golden Globe to be all about money. Also the star-studded musical Nine went unawarded.

In Iowa the Sundance Film Festival has opened and so far I've only heard about the film Howl that has been screened and starring James Franco. According to early reviews it seems that film is a bit mess, but lovable, while Franco is getting good notice. You will stay further noted about the Sundance.

In UK the BAFTA announced their nominations, they said YES to An Education, but Nein to Inglourious Basterds. Also they nominated Audrey Tautou, a total undeserving nomination, she's very dull in the movie.

At the Boxoffice all over the world Avatar still stands strong and will probably be sinking (god I hate to say that word it seems so cliché now) Titanic for the #1.

One new that also came was that Kidman had hired Jolies manager for herself. Kidman is many times very private with her off-screen life, but even if the press and bloggers some times jokes bad things about her they should salute her for making the way of the most famous couple of our time Brangelina, since Kidman was first cast as Mrs. Smith but later dropped out which made Jolie getting the role.

And now to the tragic news that hit me today was the death of the great Jean Simmons (80 years old). She starred in over 50 movies during her lifetime which included such classics as Black Narcissus, Great Expectations, Hamlet, Elmer Gantry, Spartacus and Guys & Dolls. She also gave good performances in Young Bess and The Happy Ending, and she even played the swedish queen Desirée opposite Marlon Brando.

RIP Jean Simmons

Also I want everyone to think some minutes about the victims in Haiti and praying to god or whatever you believe in that everything will be fine again in Haiti, maybe it won't happend today or tomorrow but someday it surely will.

Next Week
More fabulous movie news with SAG, More sundance and more box office extravaganza on the line.

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  1. Last night i watch The Hangover movie. This movie is full of fun. .The Hangover was more physically demanding than any other role he had done, and that he lost eight pounds while making the film.

  2. I don't understand what you mean, YES The Hangover was funny but not deserving of best picture at the expense of (500) Days of Summer, also I don't understand who lost eight pounds.

  3. One of the most comedy flick that i watch the hangover movie from pzack.com