söndag 31 januari 2010

Jespers Movie Column #2

Hello and welcome back to my movie column!

Since last time you read this blog some major awards has been, the PGA, DGA and SAG. The Hurt Locker won both the PGA and DGA and is right now the frontrunner, while Inglourious Basterds won the SAG. Also IB and Bright Star were both snubbed by the CDG, but that guild has often snubbed major contenders for the costume design prize.

The SAG further provided us that the Best Actress race is closer than we thought. Instead of rewarding the greatest of them all with one of the greatest performance of the year who is certainly overdue for a third Oscar! They gave it one of the most average actresses with the most average performance, BUT overdue for a NOMINATION not a win, also she's once of the NICEST in Hollywood STRETCHING herself with a DRAMATIC role. So please if somebody read this DON'T VOTE FOR SaBu only because she is nice!

There has only been two movies out this week I'm interested too see, and that's Off and Running & maybe Edge of Darkness. BTW, Avatar surpassed Titanic worldwide in box office counting, and it has showed no sign to be slowing down drastically!

The INOCA nominations was announced yesterday and gave a good bunch of nominees, but I'm quite disappointed that Bright Star wasn't nominated for Best Picture!

While in Sundance the movies with the most buzz right now are The Kids are All Right, Blue Valentine & The Runaways. Of these I think TKAAR will be the one with most Oscar chances because of Moore and Bening starring.

Bye bye for now

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