söndag 17 januari 2010

Best Actress 1932/33

Hello! I'm back with one more edition of Best Actresses, this time I will dig into 1932/33.
Don't get fooled by the looks!

This lineup consists of May Robson, Diana Wynyard and Katharine Hepburn. The average moviegoer may only know about Katharine Hepburn, the other two were a character actress and a british actress.

Diana Wynyard who gives "life" to her role as the wife and mother in a noble family in the movie Cavalcade. This is the sort of role Norma Shearer would get offered if it was a MGM Picture and would probably rock it, sadly Wynyard is just an object for the public at the times imagination of a noble wife. She just stands there looking pretty and is incorporated with the costumes and art direction. Well well it's not Wynyard fault that the performance screwed up, overall the film screwed up everything else in it, with it's stiff and oldfashioned way.

Then there's the two other ladies Hepburn and Robson.

Hepburn was deserving of a nomination, but NOT for Morning Glory which is a mediocre performance by one of the all-time best. Instead she should have got a nomination and win for her warm and dazzling performance in the american classic Little Women. But back to her nominated and victorious role she plays... surprise an actress. In some way her ra-ta-ta voice and manners didn't work her in which she SHOULD have played it more subtle like she did in Summertime many years later.

So my winner is May Robson. She gives her "Eliza Doolittle-with-a-twist" character real depth and warmth during the whole movie and she shines as much in the role as rich and poor.

But I've got an Ideal lineup:
Kay Francis - Trouble in Paradise
Greta Garbo - Queen Christina
Katharine Hepburn - Little Women
Barbara Stanwyck - The Bitter Tea of General Yen

Fifth Spot goes for the current to Helen Hayes in A Farewell to Arms, but could easily be switched as I see more movies from 1933

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