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Best Actress 1934

She may have digusted Leslie Howard, but for everyone else she was the bright spot in Of Human Bondage

Here I am with another edition of Best actresses, this time I will take a look at the 1934 race

There were three nominees this year and one write-in candidate cracking the top 3 after the nominees were announced. Also another write-in candidate took in a considerable amount of votes.

The write-in candidates were Myrna Loy, with her comic and dazzling performance in The Thin Man, and Bette Davis who gave a performance we could compare with european actresses in Of Human Bondage. Loy was wonderful in her iconic role and gave it life with her witty dialogue and charming & mature voice, while Davis was magnificent as a lost woman starring opposite Leslie Howard. Davis was the one cracking the top 3.

Now to the nominees!

The worst of the bunch was Grace Moore as the opera singer in One Night of Love. The Movie and her were favorites to win the big awards in 1934 and got lots of noms, but ended up neither winning best actress or picture, which is lucky cause both she and the movie is quite stiff and oldfashioned with not much life in it... though she had a good voice.

Then there's Norma Shearer in her prestige role in The Barretts of Wimpole Street. She gives the roles a great depth of warmth and strongness as the bedridden rich woman. This is like Moores performance very oldfashioned, but still the difference is that Shearer gives all her charm into her role while Moore just seems dull.

The best is still Colbert as the heiress on a trip with Clark Gable. Like Loy she gives one of the best comedic performances of all time and show that Colbert is best when she's funny. Also this year she had Cleopatra & Imitation of Life, neither of them tops her performance in It Happened One Night.

Everyone loves her, and she knows that!

The biggest omission was though Marlene Dietrich in The Scarlett Empress.

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