söndag 2 augusti 2009

The Year Is... 1994

The year 1994 is specially too me, Guess Why?
It's the year I was born :)

Well in some weeks I've done a 1994 marathon. Watched mostly 1994 movies. It was a special year for movies, Actually really good.

Best Picture:
The academy choosed the patriotic and Feel-good movie "Forrest Gump", no one can doubt it's "American-feeling" and it's conventionality. Though great visually it lacks narrative, sometime it feels like they didn't care about the story so many things seem unreal and/or unexplainable. Too add the acting isn't to great, many performances feels like something an amateur can do and only Tom Hanks is anywhere near over average. Sinise is just annoying (can't believe his Oscar nomination). Wright is dull and seems just like she's been put in the movie because of her looks. Field is the most warmth thing in the movie, but it's not near her best work.

The Academy also nominated the extremly boring "The Shawshank Redemption" I just can't understand all the praise and "Best of All Time" raves. This Is far from Freeman's best performance, though Tim Robbins is fine.

Another average movie they nominated was "Four Weddings and a Funeral". The acting is fine and the script is fun, but was it really Oscar worthy for Best Picture?

Well the pretty average three mentioned above movies is forgotten by two of the best movies of the century.

My Favourite of the nominated Best Picture is Quiz Show. WOW! What a script and what about the acting? It's greatly directed by Redford. Turtorro steals the show in the first half of the film and Fiennes is GREAT as always. Many moments is really thrilling and exciting.

The second is Pulp Fiction. Great acting and original script makes this the most unconventional movie made in US during the 90s.

The omissions from Best picture IS the Best Picture of the year "Bullets over Broadway" I just loved it and laughed many times. Then there's the underrated "The River Wild" and the funny "Ed Wood". These three and "Quiz Show" and "Pulp Fiction", is my Best Picture lineup of the year.

Other great movies is "The Lion King", one of the best animated movie evers. "Queen Margot" does what many royal movies in US fails to do, it doesn't lay all It's energy on costumes etc. (like Elizabeth: The Golden Age". But It has great acting and direction, with great scenes. The wedding scene is one of the best filmed and acted scene in modern time.

Other great movies is "Heavenly Creatures", "The Hudsucker Proxy" and "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle"

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