lördag 22 augusti 2009

25 reasons to love (or at least like) Michelle Pfeiffer

1. Devoted Mother
2. Stopped smoking (BIG PLUS for me)
3. Look as good as she did 10 years ago.
4. Doesn't seem to have done any major plastic surgery.
5. Catwoman
6. Ellen Olenska
7. Susie Diamond
8. Stephanie Zinone (The First Movie I Ever saw of Pfeiffer, since I been hooked on her. When I Saw It I was maybe only 6 years old!)
9. Elvia Hancock
10. Madame de Tourvel
11. Frankie
12. Lurene Hallett
13. Claire Spencer
14. Lea de Lonval
15. Ingrid Magnussen
16. Swedish Ancestors (Yippi!!!)
17. "The Last Temptation of Homer" What a Voice!
18. Had the role of Evita but dropped out, Buenos Aires and I'd Be Good For You Is On Youtube by her.
19. Has a Son Born 1994 (the same year I was born)
20. Miss Piggy vs. Michelle Pfeiffer - Maybe the one of the funniest episodes in the Muppet's history?
21. Favorite Film "The Wizard of Oz"
22. Turned down some of the most memorable roles of the 90s, bad luck ofcourse. But still a sign of how popular she was.
23. Isn't Ashamed of her Age
24. Created a new prefix the "pf" (Pfan, Pface etc.)
25. Well What more?

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