söndag 9 augusti 2009


Today I've been pretty low on the cinema front. I have not seen any movies til now, so I will review the movie I saw yesterday "Watchmen".

The movie begins exciting with the murder of Comedian. After the credits come, great "footages" of the early Watchmen then bringing on to the late. You never get extremly bored, only sometimes it feels a little bit repetive. The action scenes are magnificent done and believable. The visuals is GREAT! Wow! I saw it on television but what much better It would look in theatre.

Some negativites is mostly to the acting. Carla Cugino and Jackie Earle Haley is scene stealers, in case of Haley IF the supporting actor category at the Oscars will be fatigue, then he certainly has a chance. The "villain" is good acted by Matthew Goode, whom did marvellous job in "Brideshead Revisited" last year, but sometimes it feels like, mostly in the beginning, is more a caricature of a Disney villain. Billy Crudup is not as good as his other role in "Public Enemies" this year. In the flashbacks he isn't really belieavable, but his voice to Dr. Manhattan suits greatly I think.

Patrick Wilson and Malin Åkerman does both pretty dull work, they certainly can better especially Wilson. They chemistry is pretty good though.

Overall the rating is: B+

Oscar Shots and Chances*

Best Supporting Actor (Haley) - Low to average
Best Cinematography - Low
Best Art Direction - Low
Best Costume Design - Low
Best Visual Effects - Average
Best Make Up - Average
Best Sound - Average
Best Sound Effects Editing - Average

*(This Is What I Think NOT what I Want)

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