söndag 1 november 2009

The Women - The 2008 Version

Last year "The Women" was released. It was critically loathed and earned 1 razzie nomination for Worst Actress.

Friday I saw it for the first time, I've wanted to seen it since it was released but was scared off by all the negative critics (except Roger Ebert's one). Slowly into the movie I began to realize this wasn't that awful. Of course it wasn't anywhere near the 1939 version, but still not bad. The script was pretty dull though, but it was all helped up by the actresses in this movie. Bening, Ryan, Messing and Leachman are all great comedienne and didn't deserve mention by the Razzie, but Messing and Smith surely did. But it's during the last parts of the movie it begins to crash, not completely but almost. It turns out to be another one of these Hollywood comedies with the same predictable which is ofcourse really boring.

Overall this is a entertaining and sophisticated comedy, but with many flaws that the actresses even couldn't overcome.

Rate: C

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