fredag 1 maj 2009

Best Actress 1940

The First Edition of Best Actress 1940:

The Oscar Nominees in my Ranking:
1. Katharine Hepburn - The Philadelphia Story
2. Joan Fontaine - Rebecca
3. Bette Davis - The Letter
4. Ginger Rogers - Kitty Foyle
5. Martha Scott - Our Town

If I Got to Choose the nominees i would replace Rogers and Scott with either Vivien Leigh for her heartbreaking performance in "Waterloo Bridge" or the charmy Greer Garson in "Pride and Prejudice" or Rosalind Russell in "His Girl Friday".

This was a GREAT year with except the mentioned above there also was Margaret Sullavan in "The Shop Around the Corner". There was also another Bette Davis performance in the Best Picture Nominated "All This, and Heaven Too".

Who's your favourite from the Oscar nominees and what are your nominee list?

Next Time I look upon 1939

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