söndag 31 maj 2009

2009 the best of the decade?

I Know it's too early to tell but yet hasn't 2009 been a great movie year? Maybe the best of the decade?

In January no thrilling movie was released. "Taken" a surprise box office success and the US release of "The Class" the french movie may been the only movie that will be rememberd in the future but I doubt that "Taken" will be remembered.

But in February things started happen. The Animated picture "Coraline" opened with great reviews, so did the romance picture "Two Lovers", though "TL" was overshadowed by Joaquin Phoenix catastrofal singing debut.

Except the two mentioned aboe also "Gomorra" had a wide releaee in US.

In March more things came "Watchmen" was the talk of Internet during the weeks of it release but was some days after the release forgotten. The Movie failed at box-office and the reviews were mixed with some calling it great and some a disaster.

Some comedies also got good reviews this year Sunshine Cleaning, Duplicity and I Love You Man. The Animated Feature Monsters Vs. Aliens got good reviews and a big box-office gross.

In April it didn't happen many things. Adventureland, State of Play and The Soloist all came without much noise though the first two was great reviewed. The Informers was also released and i still haven't made up my mind if it was a success or disaster with critics and audience since IMDB gave it a pretty good rate.

But then in May things suddenly happened Star Trek, Drag me to Hell and UP all got phenomenal reviews. Also the drama Julia was released.

And we've got many movie looking forward too. And recently the trailer of "Nine" was released and made me anticipate it even more. I've also strangly looking forward to Agora.

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