torsdag 22 juli 2010

The French Goddess

While Inception makes lots of money at the boxoffice this week, the reviews has almost all cited out two actors as standout first Joseph Gordon-Levitt and secondly the always divine Marion Cotillard.
Marion Cotillard began her Hollywood invasion 2003 when she starred in Big Fish. But it would take 4 more years til she got her real breakthrough. In 2007 she briliantly portrayed Edith Piaf in such a way that it was impossible for the Academy to not give her the award. It was a landmark for several reson, first she managed to win the Oscar with a foreign-language performance and secondly we all know it was all about the performance. She wasn't famous in US before so there's no way anyone voted for her because she had paid-her-dues or anything like that. Since then her career has just gone up.
In 2009 she doubled it with Public Enemies and Nine. Both movies flopped at the Box office and with critics. None of them was any major player at the Oscars as it first was predicted, but when the critics was to point out their favourite in the movies, it was almost always Marion Cotillard who the raved about. But there was no Oscar nomination for her, why?
Weinstein Company completely destroyed the campaign for Nine marketing her as lead actress, which lead to Penélope Cruz's inferior performance to get nominated.
This year her only "real" Hollywood project is Inception, where she once again has recieved nothing but praise. If there is an Oscar nod coming up, I don't know. It's too early to tell, but if the film goes bigger at the box office it could very well be the film with most nominations this year and hopefully Marion Cotillard will also get one.
So Juliette Binoche, you can dethrone yourself as the leading french actress cause Marion is here to stay!

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