onsdag 30 december 2009

Let's Make A List

Today I am going to give you my Top 10 of 1994. I've once written about this year, but here are my (almost) ultimate top 10 of that specific year.

10. Vanya on 42nd Street
This is a proof that you can make subtle and quiet drama, but at the same time being incredible effective and engaging.

9. Queen Margot

Now It becomes hard to rank the movies, but I ultimately decided to put this highly fascinating french flick at #9, put this may very well change. From the beginning of the movie you're caught fascinating about the glory, pride, venegance and greedy court of France, where a wedding of a protestant prince and a catholic princess is the center of all the events around it. Adjani is captivating, but the one that walks away with all the applause is Virna Lisi in her poisonous performance as Catherine de Medici.

8. Ed Wood
Ahah! This is a funny and tragic pic about the infamous director Ed Wood. Tim Burton give us an entertaining but thoughtful view of a man outside of the society's life. This time he gives the lead role once again to Johnny Depp, who in return gives one of the silver screens best male performances every.

7. Quiz Show
It's about the Quiz scandal in the 50s which made people realize that not everything on TV is the truth. Directed by Robert Redford he shows us he is as good director as an actor. In the lead Ralph Fiennes sparkles, but it's ultimately the supporting cast that steals the show, especially John Turtorro.

6. Heavenly Creatures
Peter Jackson has never been better than this. In this drama he tells us the real story about two girls who murders one of the girls mother. This is not only Jackson breakthrough, but also Kate Winslet ultimate breakthrough, and what a breakthrough. Winslet is living the role in this movie and we absolutely forgets that she is Kate Winslet. The Visuals are perfect.

5. Bullets over Broadway
The Best of Woody Allens 90s movie. This is maybe him in a more mainstream mood than before, but still he gives us delightful comedy and great performance by the cast where Dianne Wiest definitely becomes the center of the actors all by herself.

4. Natural Born Killers
It's actually quite enjoyable movie about a couple on a killing spree. Lewis and Harrelson has never been better and their chemistry is top-notch. Sadly this picture is overshadowed by another violent picture from a controversial director and that's my...

... 3. Pulp Fiction
One of the most iconic pictures of the 90s. I'm not going to write more about this since I think everyone else know why it is so good :)

2. Trois Couleurs: Rouge
What a splendid film. Everything is great the cinematography, the acting, the screenplay, EVERYTHING!

1. Chungking Express
This beautiful film is not only a visual feast, but also got a great story and splendid acting. Definitely one of the best movies of the 90s, maybe it's even better than In the Mood for Love?

If anyone is reading this, what's yours top 10 of 1994. Is there anything on my list you disagree about or anything you love about my list?

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