tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Best Actress 1972

1972 was not a great year for films, even if two real classics was released (Cabaret, The Godfather) and one swedish masterpiece was released in NY (Cries and Whispers). Neither was it a rich year for actresses.

The Five oscar-nominees was the great Minnelli, the astonishing Ullmann, the natural Tyson, the theatrical Smith and the singing Ross. Only three of these five holds any Oscar worthy standard (that's the first three mentioned). It wasn't any big surprise when Minnelli won the Oscar. Why?

Ullmann - Lost Horizon opened
Ross and Tyson - Splitting the black votes
Smith - Had no chance from the beginning.

It was no competition for Minnelli to win this.

There wasn't any big omissions this year only some small. Where was Streisand for her superb comic turn in "What's Up Doc?", or where was Woodward (shamefull i haven't seen her movie :( )

Then there also was Juliet Mills in "Avanti!", Burnett in "Pete 'n' Tillie", Hawn in "Butterflies are Free", Tuesday Weld in "Play It as it Lays" and Trish van Devere "One Is A Lonely Number".

Then in the rest of the world there were three other movies released with great performances by actresses. "Cries and Whispers" and "The New Land" would open the next year in US and there was also "The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant".

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